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Volunteer with ZDMS

At Zebrafish Disease Models Society, we do our utmost to be the knowledge centre for the zebrafish research community and we aim to involve members in the advancement of the community. We have many opportunities designed to do exactly that. As we are a member-based society, we need researchers and industry partner volunteers. In exchange for your time and your support, you will develop leadership skills and enhance your network, benefiting you both professionally and personally.

As a volunteer you can:

  • Contribute to society and wider basic and clinical research issues
  • Develop new leadership, team building and communication skills
  • Network personally with research experts and thought leaders
  • Engage fellow ZDMS members in meaningful dialogue
  • Design “by members, for members” benefits
  • Work collaboratively in order to foster a spirit of innovation and advancement
  • Learn from a diverse range of people and viewpoints
  • Contribute directly to knowledge creation

The call for volunteers is now open. Email your CV and letter of interest to info@zdmsociety.org

Volunteer Opportunities

If you want to make the most of your ZDMS membership, consider volunteering for one of our Committees or Research Interest Groups, or perhaps donate your time as an author:



  • Junior Investigator Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Communication Committee

Research Interest Groups Leaders

ZDMS has eight Research Interest Groups. Additional leaders are sought for the following groups:

  • Hematology
  • Vascular
  • Neural
  • Skeletal

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

  • Be an Author

Junior Investigator Committee

The ZDMS Junior Investigator Committee will support fellow members who are starting out on this new career path. The JI Committee aims to provide these members with knowledge, advice and resources to complement their scientific work.

The Junior Investigator Committee will:

  • Support members who are Junior Investigators
  • Increase the visibility of their challenges within the science community
  • Share experiences and knowledge related to research funding, teaching and learning, and science
  • To foster community and connection between Junior Investigator members

This Volunteer Opportunity is recommended for:

  • Those who are currently at a junior group leader, assistant professor or equivalent
  • Actively involved in the zebrafish disease models research community
  • Willing to actively seek out and encourage peers to focus on Zebrafish research

Time Commitment:

  • Participate in conference calls as scheduled throughout the year
  • If schedule permits, attend the annual conference

Membership Committee

ZDMS recognizes the fundamental importance of ensuring the support and involvement of members to the advancement of the Society. The ZDMS Membership Committee is intended to be representative of the membership body as a whole, and members from all categories are invited to sit on the committee.

The Membership Committee will:

  • Draw up a Membership Charter for approval by the International Board
  • Review and approve applications for new members to the Society
  • Make recommendations to the International Board regarding the involvement and interests of members
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of the Membership Development Plan
  • Recruit new members
  • Identify new sources of membership
  • Identify mechanisms for membership retention
  • Encourage member participation in committees and activities
  • Determine if member needs are being met and recommend services to meet the changing needs of members
  • Evaluate and implement input from the working groups, members and external organizations to achieve the membership objectives

This volunteer opportunity is recommended for:

  • Members from all levels of professional experience are invited to apply
  • Those who are familiar with society membership initiatives
  • Actively involved in the zebrafish disease models research community
  • Willing to actively seek out and encourage peers to become members

Time Commitment:

  • Participate in conference calls as scheduled throughout the year
  • If schedule permits, attend the Annual Conference

Communication Committee

The ZDMS Communication Committee plan and solicit articles for the ZDMS website, and quarterly newsletter which are sent to all ZDMS members. The goal for each newsletter is to provide members with thought-provoking, timely, innovative and authoritative information regarding zebrafish disease models research.

The Communication Committee will:

  • Determine the editorial direction and related policies for the newsletter and website news feed
  • Advise on article topics and the editorial calendar
  • Identify qualified authors and follow up on assignments to obtain articles
  • Work within the team to brainstorm, collaborate and determine new topics, as well as identify and approach renowned authors
  • Allow its members to author up to two optional articles themselves during the year

This volunteer opportunity is recommended for:

  • Members from all levels of professional experience are invited to apply
  • Those who can support the mission of ZDMS, which is dedicated to the advancement of basic and clinical research using zebrafish disease models
  • International in their perspective
  • Represent a diversity of disease models research
  • Have publishing experience (not required)

Time Commitment:

  • Online interaction between meetings
  • Participation on monthly conference calls

Research Interest Groups Leaders

ZDMS members with shared interests in specific disease models have created communities to provide support to fellow researchers, discuss issues, trends and thoughts. ZDMS has eight resource interest groups that are open to all members.

Assistance is sought for the following research groups:

  • Hematology
  • Vascular
  • Neural
  • Skeletal

Members may join all Research Interest Groups. The Research Interest Groups have one or two opportunities available.

The Research Interest Group Leaders will:

  • Chair the annual Research Interest Group meeting at the conference
  • Initiate projects that are specific to the Research Interest group research area
  • Work with the Vice-President of ZDMS to implement projects
  • Work with ZDMS executive to promote the events and encourage participation

This Volunteer Opportunity is recommended for:

  • Faculty members who hold the level of Principle Investigator
  • Active participants of a Group or anyone interested in further developing the activity of a Research Interest Group
  • Members who are passionate about a particular disease model and in sharing experiences with colleagues
  • Members who would like to further develop their leadership skills and be recognized as a leader in their area of interest

Time Commitment:

  • Two-year commitment
  • Participation in quarterly leadership calls

Be an Author

Share your knowledge and research of Zebrafish Disease Models with a highly engaged audience of hundreds of researchers around the world. Whether you wish to instigate a global debate, discuss the latest developments in the field, or highlight a useful case study from your lab, ZDMS provides a forum for you to do just that. If accepted, your article will be published on the ZDMS website and promoted on all our social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook), potentially reaching thousands of zebrafish researchers.

Researchers as well as supplier partners are invited to submit articles. Authors must demonstrate their expertise in the zebrafish disease models field. Original submissions should be offered exclusively to ZDMS. However, finished manuscripts and texts of presentations are also considered. All authors are required to sign an Author Agreement form prior to their articles being published with ZDMS.

Direct all enquiries and completed articles can be directed to info@zdmsociety.org