Zebrafish Development and Genetics Summer Course – Deadline Fast Approaching!

The deadline to apply for the Marine Biological Laboratory “Zebrafish Development and Genetics” summer course (August 4-19, 2017) is MONDAY, MAY 1st.

This intensive two-week course caters to advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and independent investigators who are incorporating the zebrafish model into their research and/or teaching. Applications from underrepresented minorities are especially encouraged.

The course covers time-proven and emerging technologies geared towards application in zebrafish. Mornings and afternoons are devoted mainly to laboratory experiments and evenings to lectures and discussions. The course is taught and guided by around 20 international leaders in the field and student enrollment is limited to 22 students. This year, the course will conclude with a special day-long symposium marking the 20th anniversary of the course.

More information and application instructions are available on the following webpage:


Scholarships and financial assistance are available.

Deadline for application: 1 May 2017


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