FASEB Liver Meeting Review 2016

Meeting Report:

FASEB Liver Biology: Fundamental Mechanisms and Translational Applications
Reviewed by Kathryn Bambino (kathryn.bambino@mssm.edu) and Shuang (Sammi) Wang (shuang.wang@mssm.edu) – Post-doctoral fellows with Kirsten Sadler.

The FASEB Liver Biology: Fundamental Mechanisms and Translational Applications conference, which took place in West Palm Beach, Florida from June 26-July 1, 2016 brought together researchers who study the basic mechanisms of liver physiology and disease from around the world. As an established, albeit newer, model to study liver development and disease, zebrafish research was well represented at this meeting. Zebrafish researchers Kirsten Sadler (New York University Abu Dhabi) and Wolfram Goessling (Harvard Medical School) were invited to give talks on recent findings from their laboratories that provide new insight into the molecular mechanisms of hepatocellular carcinogenesis. Many posters presented groundbreaking research on liver and biliary development and on liver disease by researchers from the several zebrafish laboratories in attendance, including the Goessling (Harvard University), Ober (University of Copenhagen), Pack (University of Pennsylvania), Sadler (New York University – Abu Dhabi), Sakaguchi (Cleveland Clinic), Shin (University of Pittsburgh), and Yin (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital) laboratories. The next FASEB Liver Biology meeting will take place in two years and will be, for the first time, co-organized by a fellow zebrafish researcher – Kirsten Sadler. We look forward to seeing more exciting zebrafish research at the next meeting!

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